Switching to Weekly Updates

I’m going back to school today and decided to switch to weekly updates. As a result I will be reporting my progress evey Sunday.

I’ve been running kinda shitty at .5/1. I’m still up but only about $30 (not including the $150 loss at 6max). I working to clear a $100 bonus at Full Tilt (I have $20 of it so far). Between that, rakeback (which I won’t receive until mid April, but expecting around $60), and the refer a friend bonus, I am actually up quite a bit since venturing to .5/1.

BR currently stands at 284.75.


On Break

I’m back home and had a chance to play a little here. The wireless kinda sucks so I haven’t been able to put as many hands in as I would like, but I’m up $45 total at .5/1. I’m leaving for Austin tomorrow to look at apartments and won’t get a chance to play again until Wednesday.

Almost Spring Break

One more test tomorrow morning and then I’m basically in the clear. I’ve been study for my test and not playing too much, but I’m up about $30 total at .5/1 FR. I was talking to a friend about going to Austin next week and as he pointed out, South by Southwest starts on Sunday (I think). Should be fun looking at apartments during the day and rocking out at night. Anyways I plan to get a bunch of hands in the weekend so stay tuned.

I Have Friends!

So I cleared my Refer-A-Friend Bonus on Full Tilt and they shipped me $100. I had a deal with my friend who got $25 from FT that we would split it 60/40 (since I had to clear more points to unlock my bonus) so I shipped him another $25. I played a little on FT today, but it went down for a few hours so I switched back to PS.

Before FT went down however, I did manage to hit -$150 at .5/1 6max. So, uh, fuck 6max… I’m back to full ring. Played about 600 hands, didnt see much in the way of cards, wound up $2. Still, its much better than down (I averaged -4.7BB/100 at .5/1 6max). An interesting note, I was up from everyone position and losing less than 1.5 big blinds each round in the blinds, but I couldn’t make up for that fact that blinds hit so much more often. Oh well.

BR is at $235

Tweaking 6max Play

I’m not sure that my 6max play up to this point is actually winning play. I changed alot of my PF requirements as per some suggestions, but its puts me troublesome spots. I wind up in lots of marginal situtations and with my opponents being so sporatic at these levels, its hard to put them on a hand.

So I’m going back to my FR PF starting requirements. I just tried it for about 500 hands with good results. However, I am just going to pretend its folded to MP2 everyhand. I’m not sure that I can keep up with the blinds at this point, but I’ll try it until my BR drops to about $150 (I’m at ~$190 right now).

I will have adapted to players at my table. An example from todays session, The guy to directly to my right is about 80/60 (plays 80% of his hands, raises about 60% of his hands preflop). Twice I’m sitting with AQo (oncee on the button, once in the SB) and he raises. Normally this is a fold for me. However, both times its only me and him in the pot at this point, so I 3-bet it. Both times we show down and I win 2 decent pots. (Once he had Q3o, the other time he had 72o).

In other news, I’m almost done clearing a bonus and while I didnt generate enough rake in February alone to get rakeback, I have generated enough through today to get paid at the end of March.

And I’m Back

My test went well today and my work is done for the week so I fired up FT for a little while. Had a bit of a streaky day… earnings graph looked like a sin graph flipped upside down. But I did end up about $12 so its a start. My BR is sitting at around $205.

Barry Greenstein is Awesome

I was taking a break from studying today and decided to watch last nights episode of High Stakes Poker. Barry Greenstein stated that all the kids on the internet watch HSP and some told him they would pay him 10k if he said a certain phrase when someone made a bad play. Brian Townsend (aba20/sbrugby) was still at the table and cracks a smile know what Barry is talking about. About 15 mins later Barry re-raises Erick Lindgren allin on the flop and Erick folds. Barry exclaims “LOLdonkaments” and most of the table laughs pretty hard. Meanwhile, Gabe Kaplan and AJ Benza are left very confused in the commentators booth (or are they just leveling us?) Anyways, GG Barry… GG.