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On Break

I’m back home and had a chance to play a little here. The wireless kinda sucks so I haven’t been able to put as many hands in as I would like, but I’m up $45 total at .5/1. I’m leaving for Austin tomorrow to look at apartments and won’t get a chance to play again until Wednesday.


Almost Spring Break

One more test tomorrow morning and then I’m basically in the clear. I’ve been study for my test and not playing too much, but I’m up about $30 total at .5/1 FR. I was talking to a friend about going to Austin next week and as he pointed out, South by Southwest starts on Sunday (I think). Should be fun looking at apartments during the day and rocking out at night. Anyways I plan to get a bunch of hands in the weekend so stay tuned.

I’m still around

So… its been a crazy week and I haven’t really had time to play poker. But don’t worry I’ll get back to it soon enough.

I planned to play on Saturday, but my idiocy thwarted my plans. In taking a break I started to work out again. Thursday was an upper body day, and I decided to switch around my lifting scheduling. However, I over exerted myself and my arms were killing me from Friday to Sunday. I kinda couldn’t bend my elbows anywhere except from the 70-110 degree range without lots of pain. This made using a mouse hard. However, I was easily able to use a PS2 controller. As of last night I fought my way from the beginning of Final Fantasy X to the last boss (still haven’t beaten him, though). Luckily, my arms feel much, much better today.

Looking forward, I have a test I just started studying for on Thursday, a problem set I haven’t started due on Friday and another test next week. Luckily the week after next is Spring Break. Over the beginning of break I am going to Austin to look at apartments as I am moving there after this academic year to start work full time (Yay graduation!). However, I will be home for later portion of break and will have plenty of time to play poker. If I play before then I will post about it, but I don’t see that happening.