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I’m still around

So… its been a crazy week and I haven’t really had time to play poker. But don’t worry I’ll get back to it soon enough.

I planned to play on Saturday, but my idiocy thwarted my plans. In taking a break I started to work out again. Thursday was an upper body day, and I decided to switch around my lifting scheduling. However, I over exerted myself and my arms were killing me from Friday to Sunday. I kinda couldn’t bend my elbows anywhere except from the 70-110 degree range without lots of pain. This made using a mouse hard. However, I was easily able to use a PS2 controller. As of last night I fought my way from the beginning of Final Fantasy X to the last boss (still haven’t beaten him, though). Luckily, my arms feel much, much better today.

Looking forward, I have a test I just started studying for on Thursday, a problem set I haven’t started due on Friday and another test next week. Luckily the week after next is Spring Break. Over the beginning of break I am going to Austin to look at apartments as I am moving there after this academic year to start work full time (Yay graduation!). However, I will be home for later portion of break and will have plenty of time to play poker. If I play before then I will post about it, but I don’t see that happening.


The 200k Project: An Unrealistic Goal

There was another blog going for a little while called the 200k project in which a 2+2er wanted to turn 1k into 200k in 60 days. After 7 days he went busto and gave up. It seems stupid to set unrealistic goals and risk ruin to reach them. He was planning to move up in levels when he had 7-8 buyins for that level (good BR managment suggests 20 buyins). I have seen numerous projects like this and they all work out the same way… the poster always runs hot then hits a cold streak and goes busto.

So you might be asking yourself if I am being hypocritical. The answer is no. Why? Because I always play within my BR and set attainable goals. Even though I have gone from $12 to $300 in about two months, I am not moving my goal date forward. I will move down if I hit a downswing. I understand that I am probably running hot right now and my results are not sustainable.

It shame to see this keep happening. Had the OP maybe started at 50NL instead of 100NL and moved his goal date out to say 90 or 120 days the project could have been very interesting to watch as it progressed.

You Know You Have Too Much Money When…

… you do 3k flips… over and over and over again.

So a few of the high rollers on FT started to do 3k flips and about 40 minutes ago and they are still at it. They have been 3-4 handed most of the way. For those not it the know, flips are when you push allin preflop regardless of your cards. Its kinda sick to watch.

I started watching about 20mins ago and its kinda ridiculous. In watching I saw one guy drop about 35k and another win around 40k. Some might argue that this is balla, but to me its just plain stupid. Then again, watching people be stupid can be entertaining.