I’m still around

So… its been a crazy week and I haven’t really had time to play poker. But don’t worry I’ll get back to it soon enough.

I planned to play on Saturday, but my idiocy thwarted my plans. In taking a break I started to work out again. Thursday was an upper body day, and I decided to switch around my lifting scheduling. However, I over exerted myself and my arms were killing me from Friday to Sunday. I kinda couldn’t bend my elbows anywhere except from the 70-110 degree range without lots of pain. This made using a mouse hard. However, I was easily able to use a PS2 controller. As of last night I fought my way from the beginning of Final Fantasy X to the last boss (still haven’t beaten him, though). Luckily, my arms feel much, much better today.

Looking forward, I have a test I just started studying for on Thursday, a problem set I haven’t started due on Friday and another test next week. Luckily the week after next is Spring Break. Over the beginning of break I am going to Austin to look at apartments as I am moving there after this academic year to start work full time (Yay graduation!). However, I will be home for later portion of break and will have plenty of time to play poker. If I play before then I will post about it, but I don’t see that happening.


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