Tweaking 6max Play

I’m not sure that my 6max play up to this point is actually winning play. I changed alot of my PF requirements as per some suggestions, but its puts me troublesome spots. I wind up in lots of marginal situtations and with my opponents being so sporatic at these levels, its hard to put them on a hand.

So I’m going back to my FR PF starting requirements. I just tried it for about 500 hands with good results. However, I am just going to pretend its folded to MP2 everyhand. I’m not sure that I can keep up with the blinds at this point, but I’ll try it until my BR drops to about $150 (I’m at ~$190 right now).

I will have adapted to players at my table. An example from todays session, The guy to directly to my right is about 80/60 (plays 80% of his hands, raises about 60% of his hands preflop). Twice I’m sitting with AQo (oncee on the button, once in the SB) and he raises. Normally this is a fold for me. However, both times its only me and him in the pot at this point, so I 3-bet it. Both times we show down and I win 2 decent pots. (Once he had Q3o, the other time he had 72o).

In other news, I’m almost done clearing a bonus and while I didnt generate enough rake in February alone to get rakeback, I have generated enough through today to get paid at the end of March.


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