The Story So Far…

Back in December I had some spare time and a dream… to turn not so much money into lots of money through online poker. I had previously played online but not very serious (just bonus whoring and the such) and wanted to take poker a little more seriously.

Some self restraint info… you can tl;dr this if ya want
Before I even started however, I would have to set some ground rules. I promised myself that I would practice good bankroll management. Since I wanted to start with limit I told myself only move up when my BR hit 300BB for the next level up. I would move down if my BR ever dipped to 200BB of the current level. I would not add anymore outside money to my account once I started except for bonuses and rakeback. I wouldn’t take any money out of my BR for at least a few months.

So I had my friend transfer me $12 on Stars, gave him $12 in RL and started grinding $.02/$.04 limit (Stars’s lowest stakes limit game). I also have PT and PAHUD from earlier poker-ings to track my stats.

To date I have grinded up to $151.85
5,393 hands at .02/.04: +$18.00
3,900 hands at .05/.10: +$30.64
15,472 hands at .10/.20: +$91.21

I have 27% Rakeback at Full Tilt so I’m moving my funds there (I think FT’s RB outweighs PS’s VIP program at this point). I set up an epassporte account last week so I can transfer funds between sites and am now waiting for my PS cashout to hit.

My Goal: $1800 by the end of the year so I can play $3/$6.


1 Response to “The Story So Far…”

  1. 1 A'arab Zaraq February 11, 2007 at 10:16 pm

    There is no way to make money by playing poker on line. No one has ever done it. Give up now.

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